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Experience The Instant Comfort And Mood Lift That Your Regular Blanket Or Loungewear Simply Can't Provide!

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Cozyjama: Replacing Your Loungewear and Favorite Blanket with Functional Style.

  • Japanese Kawaii Artist-Crafted

  • Joyful Uplift For Any Time

  • Warm, Comfortable & Oversized

  • Ultra Soft Touch with Delicate Embroidery

Cozyjama Blanket Robe Vs Regular Blanket + Loungewear

Our Blanket Robes

Standard Blanket Hoodie

Perfect temperature balance, breathable for relaxation

Balanced for easy movement and stress relief

Stylish and fun to uplift mood

Big, functional pockets for convenience

Long to cover the body for complete warmth

Breathability, engineered for optimal air flow

Cozyjama Is The Place Where Women of All Ages Unite in Comfort and Style. Feel at home, feel stylish, feel like one of us!



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A fun and cozy moment you are going to enjoy wearing an oversized Warm Blanket robe. COZYJAMA™ has a beautiful selection of cute, cozy and fun oversized Blanket pajama robes, made from ultra soft flannel fleece (exterior) and Warm Sherpa fleece (interior).

Our robes are not just fabric; they're designed to resonate with your soul and personality. Each design is meticulously sewn and includes unique features like large hoods and deep pockets.

Yes, our robes are machine-washable. We recommend washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry to preserve the colors and stitching.

We offer a 30-day return policy on unworn items with tags still attached. Please visit our return policy page for more information.

Our double-layer cotton material is designed to be durable, but like any fabric, it may not withstand sharp pet claws or teeth. Exercise caution if sharing your cozy space with pets.

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